Farmhouse In old Pines under FujiSan 1910 74x23.1 Restored Silk Mounts. A delightful composition with fantastic Pines and a warm inviting cottage.
I was very pleased with the restoration of this delicate and subtly coloured painting.



The old cottage at the foot of the mountain under snow




Artist : Kakei  signature and seal are the same.

A  mid- Showa period style landscape painting.

Winter Stream Sansui An outstandingly beautiful painting. This wonderful scene has recently been remounted onto Grey Silk (not blue-colour error on picture)  With a specially made box the price is£210

An evocative and very nicely painted scroll of a winter mountain landscape Sansui Ga. This is a very long scroll more suitable for a stair well or tall  hallway. The width is modest at just under 24 inches and the length is just under 87 inches. The silk mounts are original and in good condition and the Haiku,  signature and Seal is also clear. The scroll dates from the 1950's

Mountain Village in Snow 86.6 x 23.7 £175 including Box.


Thatched house in the Mountains A beautiful study of a farm in the mountains. The large thatched house is the grain store and would also be the livestock shelter in winter.  Nestled under mountains this peaceful and evocative scene is a lovely example of Scroll Art with delicate colours still fresh after half a century. With its own box, £175

Ichi no Otaki Waterfall Sansui ga 'fishing for Unagi  on a summer evening'
 A emotive and well detailed scene by scroll artist Kouzan painted late 20th century. Capturing the waterfall Ichi No Otaki (also see Ichi No Otaki Scroll below) in the distance on a late Summer evening with the lamps of the hut glowing and the reflection of the moonlight in the great waterfall up in the mountains. This reminded me of Angel Falls. Fishermen catching eels, Unagi,  in the river at night, the best time for this delicacy. It's a Japanese custom to eat Unagi on "doyo no ushinohi" in the summer. Including Box, . Its is very nice condition.£175

A Beautiful Sansui Ga

' Village beside Rocks into Lake'

75x24  with Box £195

















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Pagoda Landscape in China c 1950 £180
202x48cm / 78.8x18.7inch With Pauwlana Wood Tombako Box

Kabata Tosen (active early to mid 20th century) He lived in Kyoto.

His paintings were accepted for the art exhibition Nitten,Bunten after 1948.

We have other paintings by this talented artist here Sea and Shore
He studied under Yamamoto Shunkyo.
Yamamoto Shunkyo 1871-1933Born in Shiga-ken and lived in Kyoto. Pupil of Kono Barei.Nomura Bunkyo and Mori Kansai. Professor at the Kyoto College of Fine Arts and exhibitor with the Buntsen. One of the founders of the modern Kyoto School; a great figure in Kyoto art circles. Member of the Imperial Art Committee and of the Teikoku Bijutsuin. His style at first was that of the Shijo school but became more eclectic, painting landscapes with considerable western influences hence the work of his students would sometimes reflect that as in this scroll by Tosen. Shunkyo's subjects included Buddhist themes. Collections are in the Kyoto Museums,. Tokyo Museum etc.  (Information on Exhibitions in the Artists Information pages)





Sansui Ga. 1910 Landscape with mountain Hut in a forest created in Sumi -ink painting Restored mounts with original scroll ends in wood. Based on Sanka Yamagoya Sanmyaku which is the famus poet's Saigyo’s Mountain Hut
£175 including Box and postage



Koyama (Yamamoto)  Ryudo: Farmhouse in the Mountains

(1844-1913) Born in Shinshu Iida clan (Now Nagano) as the clan's educator, Fujii Tenryu. Learns Tosa style from Yamamoto Gyoou, and Late Northern style and conducting research on the Southern style. He was very skilled in Bird and flower themes and Buddhist subjects. Although he he specialised in Buddhist art and kacho-ga he was not successful as a Japanese painter and he left Tokyo to return to his home in Nagano.

It is in Nagano that he did this style of painting to make ends meet. In this painting the house is covered in deep snow with the bamboo bent with the weight of the snow, almost ready to break. There is a haystack in the front with a few sparrows searching for some food in this very cold winter. I wonder if he was referring to his own situation when he composed this beautiful painting  Quite a memorable rendition and a story that is very poignant as he passed away a little after painting this scroll of what is probably his family farm during the very cold mountain winter of 1912.

Nagano is known as the Roof of Japan. Nine of the highest peaks in Japan can be found here in this truly inland prefecture which is the furthest point of any prefecture from the ocean. Japan hosted the Winter Olympics here.