The  Ume features strongly in Japanese art and we have some of the very best quality representation of these Prunus mume, commonly known as ume (梅:うめ) or Japanese apricot, or Chinese plum is a species of Asian plum in the family Rosaceae. The flower, long a beloved subject in the traditional painting of East Asia and Vietnam, is usually translated as plum blossom



YOSAI OKADA. A.D 1784-1864. Born in KAGA (clan ISHIKAWA) 1840 seal Portrait of a Quince.375

Before restoration this scroll painting was in a bad state. Many holes had to be repaired and the creases taken out as far as was possible. It was a great deal of slow and careful restoration that took a long time. However, as it is painted by a famous master it was important to bring the scroll back to life. The restoration was done as a museum restoration. With Box.


Before work







8.Ume Ikebana and Fruit

Title and inscription: May all things go your way. Painted in early autumn of 1937. 
Artist:  Taigen Koji ( signature: depending on the reading can be Nobuyoshi, Nobutada, or other series of name combinations or even Etsuji) Box says painted by Etsuji Sanjin himself. 


Narcisus with Ume, A spring scene. A scroll in beautiful condition with a box 160

Perfect for a gardener or someone who enjoys planting bulbs.

Plum Ume This is a Zen landscape

picture showing just the branch of the
Plum (Ume)  55" x10" with Box 175 Under Offer