Sea and Shore
 This page includes scenes with boats, cranes and people on the shore.


Painted by Kawabata Tosen circa 1950, an old sailing ship with the prow on the right, the wide behind her and in rough seas, she is being held aloft on the crest of a wave , sails patched but still strong, this beautifully rendered image is an analogy for being old , still strong and with a mighty spirit. Original signed artists Box and bone scroll ends. 190

We have other paintings by this talented artist. A scene in China link

Tosen studied under the great painter and teacher Yamamoto Shunkyo

Yamamoto Shunkyo 1871-1933Born in Shiga-ken and lived in Kyoto. Pupil of Kono Barei.Nomura Bunkyo and Mori Kansai. Professor at the Kyoto College of Fine Arts and exhibitor with the Buntsen. One of the founders of the modern Kyoto School; a great figure in Kyoto art circles. Member of the Imperial Art Committee and of the Teikoku Bijutsuin. His style at first was that of the Shijo school but became more eclectic, painting landscapes with considerable western influences hence the work of his students would sometimes reflect that as in this scroll by Tosen. Shunkyo's subjects included Buddhist themes. Collections are in the Kyoto Museums,. Tokyo Museum etc.  (Information on Exhibitions in the Artists Information pages)


Box: Blue-green cliffs and the river with a boat using its sail, painted by myself (Toshu)


" In the distances is the steep rocks of the eagle's three cliffs,
on land is the tea fields where a spring is found in the field.
It is when that in Autumn the mountains, rivers and the landscape are seeking the inevitable change,
Autumn tells me that I yearn to return to those fields. 
Painted in the Autumn of 1940, beneath the northern face of the mountain at Hyakuraku-so."

Seal on the bottom of painting says: 'Seeds and flowers float in the water where the leaves are' 

Painted by Toshu in 1940 with the original artists box.
An outstanding and very beautiful scroll.81 inches long x 22 inches wide 275









Evening Sea Cliffs-Hoji 54x30 1975 with box 155

4: Hoji evening view of Sea cliff  with pines 54x30 155 including box.
Hoji often painted images of cliffs and copied other artists work which he always cited in the painting. This is a very interesting image as at first it seems dark but as you get your eyes in tune to the image then you start tp see may layers of colour. Clearly an artist well ahead of his time to be able to paint such a modern looking image. This scroll mounting was been restored recently.

Excellent condition and suitable for a Bonsai display as its a quiet image. A tall White Pine (p.parviflora) or a Cedar (c.glauca) Any evergreen with a lighter colour leaf or needle

Tanaka Hoji (1813-1885) 

hanging scroll, ink and colour

signed Seisei Hoji Sha  155