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I have been collecting viewing stones since 1975 when I was a partner in a tropical fish shop in Scotland. The first stones I collected came from Barra in the outer Hebrides and these were used in the shops display tanks and were sold as ornamentation for his customers tanks. They worked well in the tanks as my speciality was Julidochromis marlieri (Julie)  cichlids from East Africa and the granite stones were similar to the stones found in Lake Tanganyika.. I had already been into Bonsai since 1971 and had seen the rare mention of Suiseki ion the available Japanese Books at that time and  realised that the unique stones from Barra were indeed like the mountain stones that he had seen. Over the next few years my  Barra Stones found new homes in most of my friends collections such as John Naka and the Nippon Suiseki Association .My Suiseki have been exhibited in Japan at the Kokofu 10 where Suiseki were sent to be exhibited ( being shown in the Photobooks produced for this event) and many other places around the globe. I eventually had a collection of over two thousand stones covering most of the styles and concepts and this stone collection continues to grow. My collecting sites are in Italy, Africa, Canada, America, Australia, Spain, France, China and of course the UK. Now that I am retired I have slowly started to sell choice examples from my own collection.


Imagine holding an entire mountain range in one hand? Used in meditation to allow the mind to wander for a few moments, the art of Suiseki and Gongshi is indeed become very popular in the United Kingdom as well as around the world. Gongshi are Chinese Scholars stones because these were often seen in the collections of teachers and scholars and used as an aid to meditation, they are becoming a popular hobby once more in China as the country undergoes a renaissance in discovery of its art history once again. Gongshi are mainly abstract in shape and many things can be seen in the same stone by different people. Suiseki are viewing stones that have originated as an art from Japan. For the past two thousand years the appreciation of natural stones that look like objects, mountains , animals, boats and landscapes have been part of the ancient cultures of China, Korea and Japan. In the west the hobby has been steadily growing through some leading collectors showing their own stones in major exhibitions and museums. Some Scholars Stones and Suiseki can change hands for a few pounds or many thousands of pounds while there are some exquisite Suiseki that have been sold in excess of one million dollars and even been exchanged for castles and lands.. Heady stuff for a stone.
" Oda Nobunaga (1534 -1582 )overthrew the Ashikaga shogunate, was known to be an enthusiastic collector of both Zen-inspired garden stones and miniature landscape stones. In one incident, he is said to have sent a miniature landscape stone, named "Eternal Pine Mountain" together with a fine tea bowl, in exchange for the Ishiyama fortress (currently the site of Osaka castle) in 1580"

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Suiseki & Scholars Stones
Recent exhibition of our Suiseki from around the world held in Salzburg
at the Salzburg Bonsai, Kusamono and Suiseki Exhibition 5-6 June 2015

All enquiries to craig@tokonomascrolls.com


Discovery of an amazing Samurai shaped Suiseki. This is a large Stone with a beautifully carved and unique Daiza. The colours are wonderful. £750,  $1250

The Samurai. A tall magnificent Suiseki collected in the Tatra Mountains. Poland. Wonderful colours and superb crafted Daiza-stand. £750, .$1280

These are some images from our exhibition  in Arco Italy May 2015

and a snow capped mountain and Snow Valley from California. Another large Suiseki.

pictures from The Tokonomascrolls stand at the the Noelanders Trophy 2014





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Mountain Suiseki  
Water pool Suiseki    
Abstract Stones

Animal, Figures & Huts  
Small Size Suiseki
Fujisan Suiseki with Snow

Plateau Suiseki

Mountain Suiseki
Medium Size Suiseki
Waterfall Stone

Turtle Suiseki
Large Suiseki  
Waterfall Suiseki      
Cave Suiseki      
Chrysanthemum-Japanese Kika-seki and Bi-seki    
Scholars Gongshi    
Doha-Plateau Suiseki    
Museum Quality Suiseki  

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Accent items
for Bonsai and Tokonoma Display along with Suiseki:  Pots, Tea Cups, Statues, carvings, Brush Pots, Archaic Items from ancient China
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Cicadas carved from Amber

5x3 inches poa

5"x1.8''x1.5inches poa

News: A remarkable Edo period fourfold screen has recently become available from a collection in Spain-Click this section

Lacquer Trays
A lacquer tray can also act as an background , accent, or a base on which to stand a Suiseki
Tables, Dai and stands. These are mostly smaller sizes for small to medium size Suiseki or Accent Plants

Two very rare hand made root wood tables made from an old Yew I was digging up. Small around 2 to 3 inches in length but beautifully worked by a craftsman in China. £75 each
LENGTH - 5" (12.7 CM.).WIDTH - 4" (10.1 CM.).HEIGHT - 1-1/8" (3.1 CM.) Black

LENGTH - 5" (12.7 CM.).WIDTH - 4" (10.1 CM.).HEIGHT - 1-1/8" (3.1 CM.Brown


LENGTH - 3" (7.6 CM.).WIDTH - 2" (5 CM.)HEIGHT - 1" (2.5 CM.)Black


Two very rare hand made root wood tables made from an old Yew I was digging up. Small around 2 to 3 inches in length but beautifully worked by a craftsman in China. £75 each
Rare Japanese Arita Suiban
Blue  under glaze  19th Century

Arita Japanese bonsai SUIBAN by Hanayama kiln; Arita porcelain with stunning decorations on a pristine white surface




Porcelain (Qinghua) Double walled porcelain mesh design with a poem inscribed to the owner of the Pot (in Chinese)

Bronze Dhobans


Striated Suiseki, Loch Morar Scotland. Daiza by Sean Smith. £210
Many Daizas have been made either by Sean Smith or Gerry Brasswell

Fuji - Bonsai Tree Susieki-UK


Fuji Stone Collected in Skye



Doha Suiseki-Skye


Mountain stone with waterfall Indonesia

Raw Jade waterfall suiseki collected in South Island New Zealand.


Landscape Mountain China

Hut stone. Found in Spain near Marbella.

Long Mountain Range -Liguria Italy. Daiza made specially for this Suiseki by Gerry Brasswell.

  Mountain stone from Skye. Walnut Daiza GB

Malachite Mountan Range. Daiza GB



Group of miniature Susieki from all round the world



Basalt Suiseki-Scotland, Figure Stone Vancouver Island, on top Hut stone Spain

Large green mountain Stone collected by Felix Rivera Eel River, Front Agate mountain New Zealand

Back Striped stone from China



Murphys Stone- Dazia by GB shown in group picture above and below


Green Jade mountain from New Zealand

Serpentine Doha water pool Suiseki from Brazil Walnut Daizas GB
Both ready end of May

Animal Stones

From North Vancouver Island in Canada.  Thumbnails-Click to go large


You can now pay easily and securely through PayPal.
Credit cards and even an Echeque can be used. If you
do not have a PayPal account you can open one right away.



Unique Suiseki from California.

Clear Creek California was a little known but excellent Suiseki hunting ground kept a secret for a long time because
of the beautiful "veined" serpentine stones that were occasionally found there..
We went there 1 week before they shut it down for stone hunting. These are four that are available and will be ready
for sale at the end of May.

There will never be any more..

These two are about 6" long with walnut Daizas.

Each stone is £235 including post. Two are offered for £450,



Red Mountain. A simple and beautifully coloured Susieki from California

5 1/4" long x 2 1/2" tall

Padouk wood daiza dyed black so you can still see the red of the Padouk wood coming through



Chinese carnelian stone is recognized as the queen of stones. It comes from the area of Nanjing city China. When exposed out of the water ts surface is very rough and the colour is mostly black and green, but when water weathered by the constant flow of the river over thousands of years it becomes very smooth and exquisitely shiny exposing some beautiful patterns with a centre layer of layered ripples are especially colourful or even pure white.

These stones are not ready yet but Daizas will be made for them and they will be ready around July

Doha Carnelian Doha 3.5x3.5x1.6

DohaStone11x5x5 Daiwan River

Gobi Animal 9.3x5.8x5.3

 Title: Tall tree in mountain landscape

Guangxi traditional Chinese paint stone commonly known as Primrose stone,
and is a kind of jade TuAnShi, stone, hard naturally formed
Natural landscape design, TuAnShi



Width: 18(cm) 7.1 inches
Height:15.5(cm) 5.9 inches
0.96 (kg)