The beauty of the Winter Landscape  


Yamamoto Ryudo

(1844-1913) Born in Shinshu Iida clan (Now Nagano) as the clan's educator, Fujii Tenryu. Learns Tosa style from Yamamoto Gyoou, and Late Northern style and conducting research on the Southern style. He was very skilled in Bird and flower themes and Buddhist subjects. Although he he specialised in Buddhist art and kacho-ga he was not successful as a Japanese painter and he left Tokyo to return to his home in Nagano.

It is in Nagano that he did this style of painting to make ends meet. In this painting the house is covered in deep snow with the bamboo bent with the weight of the snow, almost ready to break. There is a haystack in the front with a few sparrows searching for some food in this very cold winter. I wonder if he was referring to his own situation when he composed this beautiful painting  Quite a memorable rendition and a story that is very poignant as he passed away a little after painting this scroll of what is probably his family farm during the very cold mountain winter of 1912.

Nagano is known as the Roof of Japan. Nine of the highest peaks in Japan can be found here in this truly inland prefecture which is the furthest point of any prefecture from the ocean. Japan hosted the Winter Olympics here.

Mountain House in Snow 76x22 Ryudo with box. Sold



The signature on the scroll reads Shibata Gito 柴田義董Japan, 1780 – 1819

Gito Shibata, 白川芝山.

Pupil of Go Shun 1752-1811 the founder of the Shijō school of Kyoto

Shibata Gitô was born in Bizen and moved to Kyoto, where he became a student of Matsumura Goshun (1752-1811), the founder of the Shijô school of painting. Soon he became an important member of this school, specializing in landscapes and kachôga. His early death prevented him from becoming more widely known and from becoming as famous as Matsumura Keibun and Okamoto Toyohiko, the other two most prominent members of the Shijô school.
He also painted 
in the style of the Maruyama-Shijō school, whose founder Maruyama ōkyo (1737-95) had developed a new, naturalistic style to depict, among many other subjects, genre scenes of the urban life of Kyoto. Shibata Gitō (1780-1819) was a pupil of ōkyo's contemporary Go Shun (1752-1811). He died young and his works, characterized by fine brushwork and a light-hearted charm, are relatively rare.

The signature reads 'Gitō sha' ('Painted by Gitō')
Araki, Tsune (ed), Dai Nihon shôga meika taikan, Tokyo 1975 (1934), p. 2210
Roberts, Laurance P., A Dictionary of Japanese artists, New York, 1976, p. 32 
Notes: from a British Museum scroll:

Pictures of Flowers and Birds (Kachoga) took as its main subjects birds, grasses, and flowers. Some focused only on grasses and flowers, while in others insects such as cicadas, bees, and butterflies appeared in place of birds. There were in fact a large number of sub-types, including some that depicted animals like dogs, rabbits, or deer, in combination with flowers or trees.

 This scroll with box is £475


Detail: signature and seals    

Signature from a Gito Scroll in the British Museum 


Signature of this later scroll The signature is essentially the same
The signature reads 'Gitō sha' ('Painted by Gitō')
the artist has now placed his double seal inside an oval  





Snowscape: Signed as Seishun,  Seal seems like: Suisho yuu ? or "The place near the water is seen (or appears) faintly"

37.5cm by 184cm / 14.7" by 72.4" £180 including original artists box


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Please note that we are booked three months in advance at this time.

All prices include postage in the UK and Plus £20 ($35USD) anywhere else



Before restoration                            After restoration



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Winter landscape 2 houses 1952 £195