Scrolls to hold different paintings so you can change the scene. Antique Shikishi are hard to  find and we try to look for unusual Shikishi
Also called Shikishi Kake and Tanzaku Kake-These scrolls are generally  between 48 and 55 inches long

SHIKISHI is a square piece of thick paper used to draw paintings or Japanese poems such as waka, haiku on. This type paintings (or calligraphy) are called SHIKISHI in Japan. It is one of Japanese traditional culture. 
You can decorate and change them easily through your feeling or the seasons.

 Examples in stock January 2017:

All antique Shikishi Kake are 95 /$120

Taki-Waterfall through mountains 50 /$65  
Waterfall through mountains into Lake 50 /$65  
Fujisan Shikishi 45 / $60
Village Scene 40 / $55  
Farm in the Mountains 45 $60
Village by river 40 / $50  
Flower pictures Row one and row  two left to right 50 / $65
Row On Monkey Helmet s 45/$5 Row 2 Oxen, Helmet, Warbler
Kabuto (兜, 冑) is a type of helmet first used by ancient Japanese warriors, and in later periods, they became an important part of the traditional Japanese armour worn by the samurai class and their retainers 
Narcissus: Row 1 and Row 2 left to right 35/$45
Bamboo 40 /$50 each
Chrysanthemums Left to right row 1 35 /$45
Basket,, Crayfish Left to right row 1 35 /$45    /  Raddish  Left to right row 2 35 /$45



Rare Paper Cut Designs. 10.7" x Width 9.5" Rabbit and Ox. 35 each of 80 for three-See Tora-Tiger below
KIRI-E Very Rare Japanese Paper Cutting Tiger, Rabbit and Ox. 35 each or 85 for the three

A rare late 19th century frame for Shikishi paintings. made from Japanese Cedar. The base comes away to allow the insert of the painting. Excellent for a small space where a scroll may be too long. Japanese early 20th century 75 / $100



3 Shikishi Scroll for SHIKISHI  50 inches long
  TANZAKU Unusual Shikishi Scrolls for the interchange
of inserts. 140



4 .51cm by 132.7cm / 20" by 52.2"  This is a late 19th Century Shikishi Scroll

95 / $120

5. Length 51.9" / Width 20.0"  51cm x 130cm
This is a late 19th Century Shikishi Scroll
95 / $120


Iris. A stunning painting. Presently I have displayed this in the special frame shown further up the page. Outstanding work. 110


I now have new Shikishi Kake . All 60 inches long. These are 75 / $100 each.