Sansui ga-Sansui (Sansuiga) Landscape painting:
Sansuiga (landscape painting) is a genre of the picture which developed in China. san means yama (mountains), sui means mizu(river), ga means a picture. The style of landscape painting tried to create a reproduction of real scenery, but there is much "created scenery" "image scenery" which constituted scenery elements such as the mountains / trees / rocks / rivers  to enhance the realism of the scene.
Although Japanese scenery paintings were influenced by  Chinese art there was not a word for "Fukeiga (the Chinese word for Fukei or scenery)". The development of the landscape picture assumed a natural view of the scene and was called "a landscape painting".  However, while taking in such techniques, a lot of Japanese painters of landscape base their images on a sense of beauty , Wabi Sabi-a harmonious setting and design, rather than  the conventional Chinese landscape image.

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Ichi no Otaki Waterfall Sansui ga 'fishing for Unagi  on a summer evening'
 A emotive and well detailed scene by scroll artist Kouzan painted late 20th century. Capturing the waterfall Ichi No Otaki (also see Ichi No Otaki Scroll below) in the distance on a late Summer evening with the lamps of the hut glowing and the reflection of the moonlight in the great waterfall up in the mountains. This reminded me of Angel Falls. Fishermen catching eels, Unagi,  in the river at night, the best time for this delicacy. It's a Japanese custom to eat Unagi on "doyo no ushinohi" in the summer. Including Box, . Its is very nice condition. 165 and comes with a Paulownia Wood box

Size 69x201/4 inches

Asano Kouzan was mid to late 20th century painter in Kyoto and Tokyo

He was also a Member of Shoufuukai society. Specialised in landscape paintings.

An evocative and very nicely painted scroll of a winter mountain landscape Sansui Ga. This is a very long scroll more suitable for a stair well or tall  hallway. The width is modest at just under 24 inches and the length is just under 87 inches. The silk mounts are original and in good condition and the Haiku,  signature and Chop stamp are also clear. The scroll dates from the 1950's

Mountain Village in Snow 86.6 x 23.7 175 including Box.

Sansui Ga Taki 1939 66x22


A Beautiful Sansui Ga 'Rocks into Lake'
75x24  with Box 195