Scroll Translating service: If you want the artist translated that cost is £15 to £25 ($25-$40) depending on work -long poems translated or simple signature and seal- which is what we are charged by the specialist scroll translator. Otherwise we are happy to put you in direct contact with our scroll translator. We take no commission for this. Its a service that we offer to you at the cost to us.
Restored Scrolls

When we offer a scroll that we have restored.

Our scroll restoration workshop is now closed and we cannot continue with this project. However, and to explain what we have been doing:

If the painting was badly damaged , creased or stained, I would need to spend many days working on that issue.. However, most creases can easily be flattened and tears are backed with new material. Large holes are an issue but we could sometimes get round that. See the Scrolls In Restoration for some beautiful examples of our restoration ability.

Please note: I always like to use what I could of the mountings such as the Jikusaki-scroll ends, Kakeo and Makeo-the hanging bands and silk straps. Most times the thin strip of Ichimonji on top and underneath the painting is in acceptable condition and I was able to reuse that. If it was  stained, damaged in any way we replaced that. All mites, worm and insect damage is removed and these sections are completely replaced. .



You can see what a mess this lovely scroll was in before we did the restoration

A recently restored 19th century short scroll of an incredible landscape by Raisho Nakajima painted in 1850. With specially made box in antique Kimono silk from the same period box £225

Raisho Nakajima  -  1796-1871      

Raisho Nakajima was born in Otsu and was a pupil of Watanabe Nangaku and later of Maruyama Ozui. He was a late Edo exponent of the Maruyama manner. Kano Bairei and Kawabata Gyokusho were his pupils.

Shintsudo, Shumbunsai, Toko (Haiku name) were also used

Beautiful Fuji san 

Fujisan. Showa Mizu no tori no Haru ( Year of the Water rooster, during the Showa (1933) , Spring) Signature: Shichijusai Ou Sea;" Sango

newly restored and with a specially made antique silk covered box



Mending Nets:

Chigusa Sou-un (or Soun)
Born in Kyoto, first trained under Takeuchi Seiho and joined Seiho's group, Chikujokai. Active in the National arts exchange organization (Zenkoku kaiga kyoushinkai), Art institute of Japan (Nippon Bijutsu-in), and the exchange between the two groups, art exchange alliance (rengo kaiga kyoushin kai) and the national exhbition (naikoku kangyo hakurannkai. In 1930 and onwards Soun submits several works for the Shotoku Taishi exhibit, Kyoto Museum appreciation exhibit, and the Kyoto City exhibit. 

This is an important work of art. This has been restored

With a specially made antique silk covered box £220




Taking Tea and reading books-The Scholars Picnic-Painted circa 1850 newly restored and with a specially made period antique silk covered box


Some more examples


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