Flowers Sakura
 The Sakura or Cherry Tree  features strongly in Japanese art and we have some of the very best quality representation of these


A cherry blossom is the name for the flower of cherry trees known as Sakura (Japanese kanji : 桜 or 櫻; hiragana: さくら) in Japanese. In English, the word "sakura" is equivalent to the Prunus serrulata, Japanese flowering cherry. Cherry fruit (known in Japanese as 桜んぼ sakuranbo) comes from another species of tree


Sakura Branch. 165 possibly painted by Katsuhiko
Sakura, the famous Cherry tree and this heralds Spring. The colours of the Japanese mounted silks are very nice and blend beautifully
This scroll painting from the 1930's In very nice condition This is not a long painting and therefore very suitable for display of a Bonsai. Embroidered Silk covered  Box 28.5 inches wide


Suzume To Sakura -Sparrow and
Cherry 1900 70.4x22.1




SEIDO lantern:
Tomisawa Seido
Born in Ibraragi prefecture as a family of Shinto priests. In 1875 Seido is adopted under the Tomisawa family in Tokushima and learns tea from a Buddhist priest in Annonji knownas Wakei-an. Seido learns painting from Watanabe Shoka and in 1884 after his tea master's death he becomes the second head of Wakei-an. Seido was related by blood with the Katori shrine and was requested to paint a phoenix for the hall when the Emperor visits the shrine. In addition he helped the local shrine in Tokushima (Oosugi shrine) to become social active and produced events and developed a collection of records for the shrine and in Tokushima, he left his son to take over the Tomisawa family business and became the head post master for Tokushima Post Office.

This is an important work. The cost is 275 includes box which is covered in an antique Kimono silk in a Cherry Blossom Pattern