Autumn Waterfall into River.

Artist is Maeda Ichiou (1890-1939)
Born in Gifu prefecture, his other name was Kenichi and was taught by Yamamoto Sunkyo. He lived until the age of 49.

The seal (seal script can be hard to decipher) but its more like a short line poem of the uguisu or a Bush Warbler, which relates the the artist's name Ichiou which is 'a bush warbler'.

This is a absolutely beautiful Sansui ga, landscape, of a waterfall through autumn leaves. The light that has been captured by this artist is quite stunning and the balance of the subject has been extremely well done. Flocks of birds fly through the leaves and in front of the waterfall and the entire image is full of life and movement. Painted on silk this Sansui ga has all the elements that you would like to see in a landscape painting . The mounts are in very good condition. On a personal note this has, without doubt, been  one of my favourite scrolls in this genre. 70.1x 23.1 inches

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With its box, this wonderful scroll is £225

TOREI Mountain Stream Torii, Kiyotada VII 鳥居 清忠 (1875 - 1941)

TOREI Mountain Stream fisherman with Waka Poem 50.7x 22.8 River in full Speight. This autumn scene is what is called a Red Leaf Scroll. usually shown around October and November, this elegantly painted scene in the mountains is full of movement with the rushing waters and waterfalls through the mist. A fisherman catching carp in a pool under the rocks completes this study. Remounted top and bottom silks retaining the original side silks adds to the scrolls beauty.72.5x25.4 £180

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Kiyotada Torii was a painter and printmaker. He was born in Tokyo in 1875 as the son of Kiyosada Torii. (Torii VI). His original name was Saito Chōkichi. His adopted son, Saito Akira was the famous print artist Torii Kotondo (Torii VIII).
He studied Tosa painting under Kawabe Mitate in 1903. The year after that he started as a printmaker for several theaters, producing actorsí portraits and advertisements. His Kabuki prints were published by Oana Shūjirō at Shūbisha. He also produced war prints during the Russo-Japanese war.

Another well-known student of Kiyotada Torii was Ueno Tadamasa, who was authorised by the Torii family to use the name of Torii Tadamasa in 1949.

Mountain Stream Sansui ga 1910 New top and bottom silks with original frame silk and scroll ends.73.2x22.3 £175



This is a stunning painting on Silk.
The detail is wonderful; and very impressionistic

Yuko's signature

Sugi no Matsu Yosue-Japanese Cedar Pine Forest by stream

This is a mixed forest (yosue) with Sugi and Matsu (Japanese Cedars and Pine)

The artist for this painting is Yuko and he painted this in the very early part of the 1900's This has now been  mounted onto a sympathetic silk scroll with a fine silk covered  box. £175 166x66 cms

Sugi Sansui Ga- Japanese Cedar Landscape by Yuko

Japanese Cedars are not actually cedars at all but Cryptomeria. The Latin is Cryptomeria Japonica as opposed to cedrus. The Japanese for cedars is Sugi.

This was recently restored with completely new silk sections for the scroll. The painting was untouched but incorporated into the new scroll. With period wood ends and a period wood box, this late 19th century landscape scroll is now a very beautiful work of art that can continue to be be appreciated nearly 150 years after its creation

166x36cm £175

Twin Trees painted by Tokoku  47x18 ins. With flashes of setting sun , this wonderful ink painting has many layers and shows great Japanese impressionist techniques. This scroll painting from 1920 has been restored with its period box £185-Under offer


Sansui Ga Landscape with Ume, Plum Blossom. Newly restored 1920 £175 including box

Landscape ink painting, 24inches x77 date 1930  £155

SHUNPOU painted this scroll of an old Watermill
73.8 x21.3  Subtle colouring painted delicately on Silk makes this a very warm picture, The silk mounts have been perfectly matched and the scroll is full of movement and energy. With a box for this lovely scroll In good condition.  £165

Painted by the scroll artist Barei  Autumn Landscape . Recently restored and remounted onto new silks. With box £190