Flowers Iris


The Iris features strongly in Japanese art and we have some of the very best quality representation of these



Shobu White Iris  22x80.2 with box 195

Oodake Kokkan (Signed and sealed with name: Kokkan)

Odake Kokkan 1880-1945. Younger brother of Odake Chikuha, Kokkan was trained by the Meiji artist Kobori Tomoto. Kokkan in 1909 won second prize for a piece he submitted for the Bunten exhibition. Kokkan is known for his illustrations for magazines, illustrated books, and scenes from Japanese history.



Keibun Matsumura (1779 - 1843) including box 210

Keibun Matsumura (1779 - 1843) Born in Kyoto.His given name is Naoharu, another pen name is Kakei.
Studied the Shijo-ha style painting under his older brother the great Goshun. Good at painting Flowers & Birds pictures. Succeeded to his brother and led the prosperity of the Shijo style painting school.

A stunningly beautiful scroll suitable for Bonsai Display. Wild Duck & Iris 54x27 138x67.4 with Box 175




Iris in Spring 71.5cm x136.6cm 28.1x53.7 A truly lovely painting. With box 190