Single Crane Study
 The  crane or Tsuru features strongly in Japanese art and we have some of the very best quality representation of these


1 Tsuru by Koho 76x23 c 1960 325

Okabe Koho was born in Nagano City, moving to Tokyo in 1912 to study painting under Terasaki Kogyo. In 1919 following his teacher's death, Koho moved to Kyoto to become a pupil of Kikuchi Keigetsu. His first acceptance at the government sponsored exhibitions came at the 2nd Teiten in 1920. This initial success was followed by a series of acceptances to all but three of the subsequent Teiten over the next fifteen years. Koho also exhibited at the 1st Shotoku Taishi Hosan Art Exhibition in 1926 and at the 2nd in 1930. His last official exhibition was at the Bunten Kansaten in 1936.

 Koho (Okabe Koho, the go or art name of Okabe Atsushi, 1894 - 1972).



3 Japanese study of a crane.(B)  New mounts
195 This is a truly elegant painting and I bought this in Japan as a painting without mounts. I designed the silk paper mountings and scroll ends.

This amazing scroll comes with a special scroll box covered in embroidered Kimono silk from the same 19th century period. Many of the crane scrolls will have these specially made Crane boxes which are all a work of art in themselves












Chikuho Mizuta 1883-1958 Crane
19.5 x 74.7 295 with box