Crane Couples

The Crane Couple feature strongly in Japanese art and we have some of the very best quality representation of these. Cranes, Tsuru, represent loyalty and stay together for life. The represent loyalty, a good marriage and close friendship.






11: Crane-NANSON-1955 74.7x24.4 1 185 including Box


1; Cranes under Pine and sun. A very auspicious painting that reflects loyalty, which can be for marriage, partnership or friendship[. Dating from the 1920s in the period wood box. 225. A truly beautiful scroll This amazing scroll comes with a special scroll box covered in crane embroidered Kimono silk from the 19th century . Many of the crane scrolls will have these specially made Crane boxes which are all a work of art in themselves.  




2: GYOKUSHO. Fuji and pair of cranes, painted in 1910 Recently restored this wonderful and beautifully painted image of Fujisan by Gyokusho (also sometimes known as  Yu Zhang )65.1x20.5 . This is a outstanding image full of depth with a flight of cranes in the clouds around Fuji San. 225 Includes box

Kawabata Gyokusho (April 18 1842- February 14, 1913)

An exquisite and beautiful painting, signed with the artists name and signed and sealed  on the reverse


3: Cranes on shore under rising sun.
A delicate silk painting from 1900

This is very elegant and well detailed painting.
Price with its box is 210







5: Antique Japanese silk scroll or kakejiku. 1912

Subject is of two cranes or Tsuru and the rising sun, from the Taisho period (1912). Painting is in great condition.  In 2007 I commissioned a professional re mounting of this scroll as the silk edges of the original scroll (not the painting itself) were damaged sometime in the past. The scroll is now in superb condition. It comes with a specially made  vintage Kimono silk covered  box

Painting size is:

Scroll size is

170   including post UK

Plus 20 post outside UK








6;  Beautifully painted study of a pair of Cranes by Shouun
With Japanese antique
Kimono silk covered Crane box

60.4cm by 207cm 23.7 by 81.4

(possibly Chigusa Sun 1873-1944)

Including box this newly restored scroll is 220





7: Crane study similar to the one above painted by Eizan around 1930 76x23.4 210



8; Tsuru Oi Matsu. Cranes on Old Pine 56x28.2 with Box 160


9; Tsuru Couple with signature of Taigan 22x82 including box. 290

Kobayashi Taigen  Born in 1938 at Houten China.

Graduated Hanazono College in 1961.

A chief of the pagoda of Kyoto Daitokuji temple.

Installed as the chief priest of Oubaiin temple.

Very nice original condition