Craig Coussins Antique Scrolls and Modern Scrolls
Butterflies and Insects


























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Azalea Tsutsuji A lovely painting of an Azalea flower in late Spring against the corner of a wall. The Lace Bug is beautifully painted as well. The fine detail of ants running up some stems are quite wonderful. This is being mounted onto a new scroll in shades of pale to mid green. Comes with a new Antique silk covered box 180

The Zen Scroll

This is a modern and lighter design of subject. Very popular for Bonsai and Suiseki Tokonoma or display.
Equally beautiful in your home or office. Following sumi and Zen style of art these images
reflect a sense of the subject rather than a detailed portrait. An impression of the plant, animal or landscape. Created by Craig Coussins

Dragonfly                                                                    Chick with Spider-Whos the meal?
Cicada on leaf