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Fujisan Suiseki.

Collected on Skye, Scotland. Unique mountain stone with rolling clouds around the base. Walnut Daiza created by a superb Daiza Maker. Museum quality Suiseki.
400.UK $600.US E525 .Europe. Includes shipping.

Its in a Box Frame that has a removable back and allows the Suiseki to be easily removed.

Terrace Doha Suiseki. Scotland. I took this image of a mountain in the Dolomites that looked like this shape.

It is quite a large Suiseki 250.UK  $375.US E320.Euro

Quartz infused with gold sheet and Pyrites crystals found in a gold bearing region of Scotland. This is a tall and of course heavy Suiseki. 450.UK  $675.US  Euro525


Gobi 4 inches long  x 2.5 inches tall 90UK- $140 US (Gobi Desert)


Furyaishi Bear 4.5 inches long x 3 inches wide x 3 inches depth $200 (Japan) 

It looks like a bear sitting down.


Furyaishi Lions Head 3.75 inches tall x 5.5 inches long $200 (Japan)

Look at the right side where the Suiseki bulges out and you can see a lion with a lions mane.


Furyaishi Mountains 4.25 inches long x 4.5 inches tall by 3 inches depth $200 (Japan)

A small range of mountains on an island landscape


Snow capped mountain with waterfall. Unusual Suiseki. 9 inches. Special price 185 (was 300)

Hut Stone 5 inches long x 4.5 inches tall 180.UK -   $275.US (Japan)

This is a very tactile Hut Stone wth a great patina on the smooth roof.


Hut Stone 4 inches long 140.UK - $260.US
Collected on the south coast of Spain.


Tatra Mountain Range. Collected in the Tatra Mountains, Poland. New Daiza created to fit this incredible miniature Mountain Range. The Arial view of the Tatras reflect the shape of this small Suiseki.  5 inches across.

275.UK-$350.US on sale at 200.UK $300.US