Sofuku: Sets of Scrolls/ Pairs of Scrolls/ Triple sets

Kanou Isen'in (1775-1828)
Setsu gekka 雪月花 (Snow, Moon and Flowers)
「雪月花」means the beautiful things of each season.
Isen Hogan Hude seal(伊川法眼筆)
Hanging scroll:ink and colour on paper

Restored in 2011 click for larger image

Kanō Isen'in Naganobu (1775-1828) was the seventh generation head of the Kobikichō branch of the Kanō school in Edo (modern Tokyo).
He was an artist of considerable talent, and was official painter to the shōgun.
For this work he employed mild, graceful brushwork and colouring, drawing on an older style of Yamato-e.
The secret of his success was said to have been that he combined the qualities of gakuga (learned artistic ability), highly prized by the Kanō school, with shinga (instinctive artistic ability), which was customarily regarded as less important.

All  three scrolls are exactly the same dimensions.

One of the three paintings needed more extensive restoration work but that was completed to the very best of our abilities and the set is now, once more,  very beautiful

Triptych 1250Sold



Two superb and rare paintings 'Oi Matsui - The old Pine Tree' by Ujo Hara.A.D 1884-1971. Born in Kumamoto pref. Painter, poet, calligrapher. He was a student of Chokunyu Tanomura, Chikugai  Himejima . Seisho Fukuda.

These have now been  restored and mounted into a pair of matching scrolls with a double Antique Kimono Silk covered Scroll Box These are Yokomono scrolls and are 32 inches wide by 40 inches long and as these have been mounted as a pair, they would make a wonderful display in a modern interior. This is a wider scroll and is called a Yokomono Scroll









Two paintings of winter landscapes in the Literati, Bujin style signed Kojima Routetsu

The information that we have on these scrolls is as follows.

The paintings are attributed to  Kojima Routetsu, 1793-1852 Born in Owari (Aichi Pref.) He was taught by Yoshikawa Ikkei and also human subjects by Yamamoto Baiitsu. Later he established his own studio Kaioku Yushichi in Fujimidai. The paintings are from around the latest period of his life and were probably either done solely by the artist himself or because he was so old at this time perhaps he may have been assisted in some areas by one of his students.

This pair of scroll were made in the mid1800's The scroll silks had subsequently suffered through the last 150 years. In the fall of 2010 we started the long and careful restoration of the scrolls and the scroll silks and made a new double box for these scrolls. The box is covered inside and out n a period hand woven silk from an 1850's  design . The price is 425




Gyokuden Murase son of Soseki Murase 1852-1917   Soseki Murase Father 1823-1878 eggplants.
is paired in a double scroll box with his father

A rare combination of father and son , both famous painters. I thought that it was especially nice to have both scrolls kept together
as the father was the teacher and that he and his son were also great friends and often worked together. 550

The Scroll box is an antique Kimono Silk covered box from the same period. The box , like all our Double Boxes has an engraved label on the end .

Chrysanthemum and Geese. Recently restored. A wonderful pair of 18th century scrolls brought back to life.
We also made a lovely box in antique Kimono Silk 225

Before Restoration: It was originally a pair but the mounts
were badly damaged and the previous owner had removed them as you can see.