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The silk mount is grey and this colour

The silk is actually grey but my camera seems to make that blue instead

The painting is of a beautiful goose flying towards the water with reeds. We just restored the painting and made new  silk mounts. The box was made in the same silk.



1: Geese flying over Quince. Spring Scroll to show the beginning of the new season £195


2: Wild Goose 'Gan' 50.8cm by 191cm  20 by 75.1 £155 with Box


3: RISON  'The  Goose that flew into the  Moon' 75 x 21.6 Goose flying into reflection of moon moon water, a humorous analogy that means
all that glitters is not gold, make sure that you know what you are doing ,find out the truth before you set out on your journey or is this the right person for you-business or love. A funny story with an important truth. This is an early 20th century painting and comes with box £190


Painted by master artist,  Watanabe Toukan with box.

The rendering of the Sandpiper is excellent. The flowers ,
water lilies and reeds are perfect. In all a wonderful painting
that cannot be praised enough.

69x21.2 inches With box, £225Sold

19: Ren Yi, who was called Bonian -Qing Dynasty(1840-1895), is rightly considered as one of the most important painters in late nineteenth century Shanghai.. Ren Yi (Ren Bonian) (Chinese, 1840–1896). Shanghai’s location in China’s first phase of modernity and, secondly, the city’s transformation by social change and cultural pluralism is shown by the paintings of  Ren Bonian as a key example of that modernistic change in traditional Chinese Art.

He has painted a duck that is swimming nearby a  peach blossom in bloom .It's very simple. Ren Yi., sold paintings in Shanghai in his early years. He was very good at painting people, flowers ,birds and landscape . Many books of his paintings were published everywhere in world and he has a high reputation. Collectors from all over the world all like his paintings. This was bought in a Chinese Auction in 2009 and is very valuable. It dates from around 1870 and has the signature and seal of Ren Yi . We mounted this on a suitable scroll,

It comes with a silk covered scroll box. Sold

Hashimoto Kansetsu (橋本関雪, 1883-1945) Pair of Geese.
He was a painter of nihonga (Japanese-style paintings) who was active in the Kyoto art world during the Showa and Taisho eras.

Born in Kobe, he was the son of the painter Hashimoto Kaikan, from whom he gained a love of Chinese culture. He studied at Chikujokai, a private school established by the famous nihonga painter Takeuchi Seiho(1864-1842), but eventually withdrew due to differences of opinion. He visited Europe in 1921 and after that spent part of almost every year in China. Many of his paintings were inspired by Chinese scenery or Chinese classical literature. His former residence in Kyoto is now a museum of his work called the Hakusasonso (白沙村荘), or Hashimoto Kansetsu Memorial House.

Recently restored with a period Kimono silk covered box. £190




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