Craig Coussins Genuine hand painted Tokonoma Scrolls from a small art community in Northern China

Introducing a new group of fine Chinese artists from Northern China. We have worked together over the last few months to create a new kind of image that reflects the stunning natural world of China and parts of Japan. These scrolls are one off designs and are taken from both the wonderful landscapes of China and some modern designs of traditional subjects. Here are the results of our endeavours. Most are between 60 inches long and 75 inches long. The quality of silk mounting is incredible and the ends are hand turned wood. The boxes are silk covered Chinese brocade and are silk lined. The backs of the scroll are also mounted in heavy silk above and below the painting to give the scroll a great 'hang'. Each one is a remarkable work of art. Each scroll is priced at 120 including post.


Kanji version1 of ku Kanji version1 of rei Kanji version1 of gu

Hiragana version of ku Hiragana version of re Hiragana version of i Hiragana version of gu  -   Katakana version of ku Katakana version of re Katakana version of i Katakana version of gu

Craig Coussins in phonetical Japanese

Craig Coussins in phonetical Chinese

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