Small, unique and very beautiful antique ceramic
objets d'art for display in the Tokonoma or
with Bonsai as an accent or for display with a scroll














A beautiful Chrysanthemum Bowl with seal. C 19th Century. With stand

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A lovely Japanese decorative black floral patterned  flat Ikebana vase in excellent condition
Size: 17cm H x 16cm W x 5cm D  6.5x6.25x2.25 Inches
Base stamp Reads:Garden Pleasures Made In Japan, Linchmere



A beautiful Satsuma Square form dish with scallop corners. Superb detial on the intricate border. Very colourful. Meiji period from the last quarter of the 19th century

No chips or nibbles. In perfect condition. Signed

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Vintage Japanese Insence Case, Kogo, Kyo ware, Cow
It's very good condition. No cracks, No chips.

L 1.8"(4.6cm) x W 2.6"(6.5cm) x H1.5 (3.8cm)
This is a vintage Japanese Incense Case of Kyo ware. A cow is moulded.
The seal of the potter is put on the bottom. I can make out

Japanese incense case is called "Kogo". This was made about 70 years ago.



  iThis is an 18th century style Ceramic Goose made in porcelain in the early part of the 20th century around 1930. £23.50 each of the set of five for £100
A set of five making a 'gaggle of geese' Perfectly for a landscape scene scroll or a Yosue Forest.

Ebisu 恵比須
Origin = Japan.
Shinto Name: Kotoshiro-nushi-no-kami

God of Fishermen, In Blanc de Chine,
White porcelain dating from the early 18th century

With stand. This is a small statue 1.5 inches tall.£45