Suiseki & Scholars Stones

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   Please note that the details of these Suiseki are being worked on and will be included before the end of May




Waterfall Suiseki Liguria
This is the reverse of the previous stone.
I was taken on a collecting trip by Maria Theresa Volunterio and she posted the 100 kilos back to me in Scotland-Sold.



Wave Stone from Scotland. Daiza by Sean Smith in Walnut

A truly remarkable stone with huge character and presence. I discovered this large plateau stone in the Blind Canyon  Nevada. A dead , dry and remote desert canyon with dried riverbeds and wind blown rock. This stone has incredible formations on both front and back and either side is perfect to look at. The Daiza was made for this stone in walnut.

Three peak Agate Suiseki-China-Superb Daiza and patina £240


Desert Suiseki-Arizona-Limestone weathered by sand (Two views ) £125

Ledge Siuiseki-Large Suiseki collected in Scotland. Superb Daiza. £180

Veryrare Murphys Suiseki-California. £350

Very Large Nail Suiseki from China, £390

Mountain Shape Nail Stone from China. £295

Large Stone-petrified Wood collected in the area around Loch Lomond. Mounted onto a Scottish Slate Daiza. Full of amazing crevasses, valleys and other features. £1200

Large Mountain Stone collected in Scotland £220

Large Waterfall Mountain, collected in Scotland £220

Murphys Suiseki-Caifornia. Very rare now. £320

Small Two sided Suiseki from the Gobi Desert. One side is a Mountain and the other an animal

Large Mountain or Boat Suiseki. Collected in Scotland£290

Large Dolomite Shaped Mountain Suiseki £180

Large Ledge Shaped Mountain Suiseki Collected in Scotland £180

A large and amazing Mountain valley Suiseki-Collected in Wales. Superb Daiza. £450

Large Liguria Mountain and valley Suiseki with a central waterfall. Fantastic quality Daiza- £490

Museum Quality Mountain Scape. Unbelievable features. Comes with a custom made Ceramic brown Suiban. A Daiza can be made for this Suiseki but it is best in a Suiban £1200-special offer without Suiban-£500 / $750 / E600

This was collected in Ireland from the centre of a lake that dries out in the summer.
So extremely difficult to find and, subsequently, very rare.






Striated Suiseki, Loch Morar Scotland. Daiza by Sean Smith. £210
Many Daizas have been made either by Sean Smith or Gerry Brasswell


Fuji Stone Collected in Skye Daiza GB £400



Doha Suiseki-Skye £175


Raw Jade collected in South Island New Zealand. Daiza GB £425


Landscape Mountain China -reserved


Hut stone. Found in Spain near Marbella. D

  Mountain stone from Skye. Walnut Daiza GB


Murphys Stone- Dazia by GB shown in group picture above and below

Green Jade mountain from New Zealand

Unique Suiseki from California.

Clear Creek California was a little known but excellent Suiseki hunting ground kept a secret for a long time because
of the beautiful "veined" serpentine stones that were occasionally found there..
We went there 1 week before they shut it down for stone hunting. This is one of the few available

There will never be any more..

 6" long with walnut Daizas. £235 including post.





Green Mountain Plateau : A wonderful Eel River Mountain with Doha

11" long x 5 1/2" tall

Walnut daiza £850 including Post


Red Mountain. A simple and beautifully coloured Suiseki from California £180

5 1/4" long x 2 1/2" tall

Padouk wood daiza dyed black so you can still see the red of the Padouk wood coming through