Suiseki & Scholars Stones
   Museum quality Suiseki
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Collected by Felix Rivera in California, Felix found this stone in the Eel River . The professional walnut daiza was made for this lovely graduated mountain stone and follows the contours faithfully. 12 inches long and 5.5 inches tall. 850 



Green Jade Suiseki:



An amazing multiple waterfall, snow and glacier Green Jade stone from California. 16 inches long and 8 inches tall  Superb details in the matrix of the stone. Multiple waterfalls and snow peaks. The patina of this old stone is like silk velvet. Very beautiful. . This is a large and heavy Suiseki of great beauty with a superbly carved Daiza. 900 including Post in UK. It weighs 35 lbs. Post cost outside UK will be at cost. Estimated at 60


A stunning and quite large Green Jade River Stone from the Eel River  in California.

11" long x 5 1/2" tall

This is a mountain plateau Suiseki that has excellent detail in the stone with embedded micro stones. The daiza is very well carved from walnut. 700, $1200, Euros1000

A wonderful Green Jade Stone with deep valleys, snow peak plateau, waterfalls and a deep patina of many green shades. 10.5 inches long x4.5 inches tall. A masterpiece  without doubt. 750