Suiseki & Scholars Stones



Tall Doha suiseki I collected in Death Valley. The special Daiza was made by Sean Smith to accommodate the base so as not to cut this stone. The unique texture on one side of this stone is down to the extraordinary dry conditions of this dangerous place. Click the smaller pictures for full size images


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This Jasper sloping Doha Mountain Stone was collected by Sean Smith who made the beautiful walnut Daiza. sold


Doha Suiseki-Isle of Skye


Basalt Suiseki-Scotland,

Serpentine Doha water pool Suiseki from Brazil Walnut Daizas GB

Chinese carnelian stone is recognized as the queen of stones. It comes from the area of Nanjing city China. When exposed out of the water ts surface is very rough and the colour is mostly black and green, but when water weathered by the constant flow of the river over thousands of years it becomes very smooth and exquisitely shiny exposing some beautiful patterns with a centre layer of layered ripples are especially colourful or even pure white. The 'polish' is completely natural

These stones are not ready yet but Daizas will be made for them and they will be ready around July

Doha Carnelian Doha 3.5x3.5x1.6

This is a small Suiseki with no polishing but a natural polish from water action. Many different layers of colours in this exquisite little jewel


DohaStone11x5x5 Daiwan River

This is a small but very elegant Doha stone with a natural sheen from winds. I found this while trekking over the high red desert in Utah. The wind was blinding and I found two stones in this harsh environment. Sean Smith made the walnut Daiza . 225
  This is a black basalt Doha I found in a dry river bed in Nevada near Cathedral Gorge. The beautiful Daiza is made to fit the base. It is a superb quality Suiseki that really is one of my favourite. 900
A very large and unique Doha Suiseki from America.