Suiseki & Scholars Stones
 Waterfall Suiseki







Waterfall-Liguria Ligurian Alps. I collected this in 1995 during my first bonsai teaching visit to Italy. I have taught Bonsai in Italy for many years and have lots of good friends who now visit me when I exhibit at Arco in May.This is a very large ad beautiful Suiseki. Many waterfalls on both sides dropping into a white frothing river. This was collected with my friend Luciana Queirolo, Presidente club “Unici di Liguria", founded 1991.The oldest Suiseki club in Italy. Sold


38: Waterfall Hoodoo figure: This is a truly amazing Waterfall figure Suiseki. This last view looks like a Pine Martin or a Fox looking to one side. It reminds me of a Hoodoo rock in Utah. It also has beautiful Waterfalls front and back. It came from Mongolia and is a desert Stone with the surface completely worked through by wind and sand. 8x7 inches ( 20x18cm) Uncut £285

30:Thread Waterfall. This reminds me of Penglai, the mythical kingdom depiction in many scrolls. Always with a waterfall high in the clouds.  Collected in Skye5x2.75 inches(12x7cm) Uncut £65

28: Black Mountain waterfalls-Skye 6.25x2.75 Uncut £130

50:Mountain stone with waterfall Indonesia £180-Uncut 8x5 inches (20.5x21cm)

18: Desert ridge mountain waterfall, Murphy's Suiseki, California.9x5 inches Cut £300

1; Green thread waterfall collected near Glencoe 6x5.5 inches Uncut £125

51: This amazing uncut Japanese Taki Suiseki-Waterfall Stone, with a wide rushing waterfall from a mountain lake, can also be used in a Suiban .
We made this very special Daiza in a piece of 150 year old seasoned section of mahogany for alternative display. £

49:Cloud Waterfall: Large Raw Jade which I collected in South Island New Zealand while enjoying the Pipeline Bungee. At 330 feet high I found this on a walk around the nearby area of Queenstown.. x inches. Daiza carved in an oriental style but made by a western Daiza master £650

52: Large Waterfall Mountain, collected in Scotland £220


This was my Exhibit at Arco 2013.



53: Wonderful split rock with a hidden waterfall.
Uncut base and Daiza made to fit in Walnut

Collected in Skye, Scotland



54:Striated Suiseki, Loch Morar Scotland. Daiza by Sean Smith. £210




56: A superb  and very large Mountain Plateau stone with a waterfall on one side. This has a beautiful daiza as below  but I think it looks just as nice in either a small or large Suiban  £290


I also refer to this amazing shaped Suiseki as a Boat Stone when it is in  a Suiban as shown as from the back it looks like a tug boat. It is very beautiful.


55: Central Waterfall between two Plateaus
The Italian Stones form part of my personal collection of over two thousand stones. They are quite spectacular but in this case I have neither cleaned the stone or found a base for it. It weighs nearly 20 Kilo's and will be a job for a quiet Winters eve. I collected this in Liguria with Maria Theresa Volunterio editor of The Italian Bonsai Magazine and
Luciana Queirolo, Presidente club “Unici di Liguria", founded 1991.The oldest Suiseki club in Italy.

Large Liguria Mountain and valley Suiseki with a central waterfall. Fantastic quality Daiza- £490


Dry Waterfall Suiseki

44: Glacier Waterfall. This is a smaller Suiseki 4.75x3.5 inches( CM12.1x8.80)

57: Dry waterfall with amazing detail in the stone. Shades of grey and green. Heavy. Collected in Glencoe area. This is a large Suiseki. Uncut. £220

58: When I first started to collect Suiseki in 1972 I collected this kind of Granite rock from Barra in the Hebrides. They were for fish tanks but I started to see mountain shapes and landscapes. These were the basis for my collected nearly half a century ago. This was one of my first Barra Suiseki. It is large and very attractive with a recently made slim Daiza. £350

Delta Suiseki. A Suiseki that has different colours that remind the viewer of a series of rivers running into a delta. Viewed from above, an excellent choice for a desk or display. The stand was made specially for this unique Suiseki. £275