Suiseki & Scholars Stones
 Green Mountain Plateau : A wonderful Eel River Mountain with Doha

11" long x 5 1/2" tall

Walnut daiza 650 including Post

A wonderful Liguria stone, flat base uncut in the shape of a volcano. Walnut stand-Daiza carved to fit this Suiseki-Click thumbnails for a big image  

Lake Taihu Black Gongshi-China / Raw Kikaseki Chrysanthemum Stone-Japan, Red River Suseki China (Daiza GB), Red Jasper Landscape stone (Daiza GB),

Fuji Stone -China  Tall Scholars Stone Yorkshire-DaIza by Gerry Brasswell)GB) USA- Bonsai Tree Susieki-Uk Daiza GB USA

Basalt Suiseki-Scotland, Figure Stone Vancouver Island, on top Hut stone Spain

Large green mountain Stone collected by Felix Rivera Eel River, Front Agate mountain New Zealand

Back Striped stone from China

Murphys Stone- Dazia by GB shown in group picture above and below