Suiseki & Scholars Stones
This section will be ready during May
There will be around 60 Suiseki for sale.




Striated Suiseki, Loch Morar Scotland. Daiza by Sean Smith. 210
Many Daizas have been made either by Sean Smith or Gerry Brasswell


Susieki May 2011

Lake Taihu Black Gongshi-China / Raw Kikaseki Chrysanthemum Stone-Japan, Red River Suseki China (Daiza GB), Red Jasper Landscape stone (Daiza GB),

Fuji Stone -China  Tall Scholars Stone Yorkshire-DaIza by Gerry Brasswell)GB) USA- Bonsai Tree Susieki-Uk Daiza GB USA

Lower Susieki Italy- Daiza GB  Upper Stone Murphys Doha Stone California. Daizas by GB

Lower Suiseki-Mountain Stone Italy Daiza GB







Doha Suiseki-Skye


Mountain stone with waterfall Indonesia

Raw Jade collected in South Island New Zealand. Daiza GB


Landscape Mountain China



Long Mountain Range -Liguria Italy. Daiza made specially for this Suiseki by Gerry Brasswell.

  Mountain stone from Skye. Walnut Daiza GB



Group of miniature Susieki from all round the world







Large green mountain Stone collected by Felix Rivera Eel River, Front Agate mountain New Zealand

Back Striped stone from China



Green Jade mountain from New Zealand

Serpentine Doha water pool Suiseki from Brazil Walnut Daizas GB
Both ready end of May

Animal Stones

From North Vancouver Island in Canada.  Thumbnails-Click to go large

Unique Suiseki from California.

Clear Creek California was a little known but excellent Suiseki hunting ground kept a secret for a long time because
of the beautiful "veined" serpentine stones that were occasionally found there..
We went there 1 week before they shut it down for stone hunting. These are four that are available and will be ready
for sale at the end of May.

There will never be any more..

These two are about 6" long with walnut Daizas.

Each stone is 235 including post. Two are offered for 450,



Red Mountain. A simple and beautifully coloured Susieki from California

5 1/4" long x 2 1/2" tall

Padouk wood daiza dyed black so you can still see the red of the Padouk wood coming through