Suiseki & Scholars Stones
 Beaver one side and seal the other, Limestone from North Vancouver island, 450

From North Vancouver Island in Canada.  Thumbnails-Click to go large


Gobi Animal 9.3x5.8x5.3cm
On new Daiza to fit 90

The Gobi Desert  Camel Stone. 75 This is a small Suiseki with a lot of character.


A superb Japanese Hut stone with window and double roof. 180

Dragon Stone from North Vancouver Island. New Daiza just been made. for a large image
  Sone Baby, Heart of the Red Australian Desert. Mounted on a hand made altered antiquye Daiza, this very unusual Suiseki is 550. click for a large image a truly amazing Samurai Figure Suiseki on a wonderful Daiza. This is a very colourful Suiseki and looks great on either side. It is quite a large Suiseki . 550 click for a large image
Amazing Arch Stone with the overall face of a wolf which I call Wolfs Arch. Beautiful Daiza has been crafted to set this off at the best angle. Collected in Australia. Natural patina from desert sand . Underneath is a deep cave. 350

click for a large image

  See our Kikaseki section

Desert patina ledge stone. This is a small Suiseki with great presence. Walnut Daiza by Sean Smith. 160

Museum quality natural Japanese Hut Stone. Quite a large Suiseki, this comes with signed box. and came from a very old collection in Japan.


Originally collected by me in 1965 from Brighton on the south coast of England, the daiza has been made to fit this uncut Suiseki of Red Jasper. 180

Picture Stones. Natural patterns have created these wonderful paintings. Small to very large sizes.